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The Diaoyutai Boutique Chengdu (Chengdu Diaoyutai Jingpin Jiudian) is located inside Kuan Zhai Alleys area, close to downtown area of Tianfu Plaza. Just a 30-minute drive from Shuangliu International Airport.[View Detail]
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  • lpp19960303
    Nice nice boutique hotels
  • baiyun_n
    Hotel hardware facilities, design, service, humanities are is good, room within of decoration configuration, also are is intimate. but corridor within of for wind system on in room door, noise very of big. hotel location is good, on in wide lane child mouth Shang, just caught up with gold week, too lively has, room Windows noise effect is poor, downstairs three cannon of voice in bathroom in are listening to have clear, outside has been noisy to 12:30, morning 7 points on and began merchant pulled with flatbed through of voice,Too noisy. others are satisfied.
  • junlan
    Hotel hardware good, service is also available, decoration style is not liked.
  • alice9527
    Which is very nice!
  • e01232863
    Booked three rooms, nothing to write
  • tang888
    It is OK
  • aipyu
    Interior comfort
  • ji999
    Traveling with a friend, I feel pretty good.
  • loveada
    Good service, good, facilities very good
  • Renpingling
    Some details do not
  • aaa123456123
    Which is very nice
  • dancy-smile
    Full marks too satisfied, great location, excellent service
  • bombdog
    Environment class
  • plwumi
  • ads007
    Very good hotel, very hard and very warm!
  • gaoleijob
    Definitely five-star home
  • ccmcn
    Words cannot express Hotel Nice
  • alan5362
    Very good very nice like
  • e02158466
    Low-key luxury hotels, worth living. the only mention of recommended bathroom doors too close with the bathtub, not convenient to move around.
  • dylengwei
    Hotels in narrow alleys, quiet, very nice. service and thoughtful than the conventional five-star hotels a lot. soft drinks and snacks in the room was free, species richness, and cute Panda doll ... highly recommend! lived with two children for three days, very convenient.
  • bitty
    Good choice next time!
  • acewang88
    One of the best hotels in Chengdu, but should pay attention to their twin room very small, poor facilities, air conditioning didn't work! every time I double room
  • Elsie33
    Very nice hotel, in a narrow alley, is like living in Beijing Wangfujing.
  • inrisen
    Which is very nice
  • lawyerlei
    Very nice hotel.
  • d04930981
    Giant good hotel good Suite great good service very expensive price for a super heavyweight leadership attractions set hotels in Nice
  • dingjun0221
    This boutique hotel is located in wide lane child in, location superior. most important of is service and hardware facilities no can picky, front desk enthusiasm has efficiency. worth a mention of is Chengdu rainy day taxi more difficult, hotel learned that Hou sent hand called car, service is real reached boutique standard of. hardware facilities also is complete, toilet with rain, tub two species, in tourist area can has 40+ flat of room rare. only of reduction points points is room with new decoration of odor,Into the room and doesn't even feel it after 5 minutes.
    Service environment, facilities need to be improved.
  • ccbtl89
    A very good environment, very unique
  • e01343748
    Good breakfast too simple.
  • f1jee
    Around a lot of snacks. in hotel very quiet. is around the hotel is not very convenient. no supermarkets or shopping malls. of course overall is good.
  • maxam
    Although the price is a bit high, but the value
  • jsdtandre
    Still good
  • E01238114
    Very good hotel! in the narrow alleys, very convenient! are very dear! stay very well!
  • cs0824
    In the narrow alleys of junction, good location, small hotel atmosphere, soft drinks and snacks in the room is free, there are lovely Panda doll. very close to the Metro station, 10 minutes ' walk, attractions and activities.
  • Ivan Jin
    Locations didn't said. service also good. live of towards within hospital, noise good, in front desk side Shang, but room within is quiet. hotel has two building floor, we live in wide alley side of a building. hotel as width alley of boutique hotel design above is great. no too beyond expected of design sense. but service and hardware conditions are is reasonable. hardware less to a star star is no automatically rushed water toilet of reasons. only let people think slightly somewhat not smoothly of place. room design is reasonable.Facilities, not too many, but enough for boutique hotel. overall in the bustling and narrow alleys to find a quiet place, the feeling is still there. is the door the moment the world suddenly quiet package should be a little better. another question is the entrance to the bird cage is what concepts.
  • mn_cn
    In the narrow alleys, environment was great, Hotel Nice
  • socoo
    Service very good
  • Lxysfan
    Nice easy to drink,
  • baolong212
    Hotel location is very good, in the narrow alley. reception service, original twin was too small to help after I upgrade to a suite, I feel pretty satisfied! next refer-a-friend
  • augfire
    Quiet, large room, clean! good ventilation.
  • e05466337
    Hotel is very new, service was very good, breakfast is poor
  • dorisun
    Is located in the narrow lane is a hotel of charm, quality and level of service is quite good, facilities and comfort of the room was good breakfast, quiet, going out ... due to the Mall area is limited, hotel but the lack of a swimming pool and a gym, and even so, if next time I go to Chengdu, will go live.
  • carani
    Fried chicken like HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
  • cityy
    Width alley Street, traffic convenient, make in the take static, room spacious within empty high, hotel both inside and outside clean clean, facilities complete high-end, drinks's and snacks's also has welcomes staying fruit are is free, casually eat! shampoo what are is tall Shang of Europe Shu Dan, tea package also is good drink, greatly of clothing Cap between meet female customer of full need, whole wall of Windows will width alley of beauty glance, special like Hotel Egypt cotton of thin paragraph robe, not know can buy pieces new of home did?Next time I go to Chengdu to stay at this hotel
    Hotel location very good, on in width alley head, a make in the take static of feel. hotel front desk help we upgrade to has administrative suite, near narrow alley, some somewhat noisy, but vision is good, room in of snacks and beverage also are is free of. distribution of Sandalwood is smell, has concentrated effect, help we soon sleep. bath with of products is Europe Shu Dan, slippers and soft and comfortable, mattress soft to I wants to with home, only regrets is quilt is I not Hi of goose down was, but thisA disappointment a matter of opinion, purely personal preference, so afterward. service attitude is good, it is a five-star hotel combines comfort and quality. the hotel proprietary dessert taste pastries are also very good!
  • jamcoo
    Too much, go to Chengdu will live
  • emildellau
    A very good environment, in the narrow alleys, the location
  • apiapia
    Very good hotel! will stay next time!
  • e00094263
    Very good!